Guide to the GOALS


The University Honors & Scholars Center and the Arts and Sciences Honors Program have established goals for students enrolled in the Honors Program. Pursuit of the GOALS will allow you to develop your interests, talents, and intellectual capabilities while creating a well-rounded undergraduate experience.  The GOALS provide a framework for selecting experiences that will help you to develop important competencies and skills that will prepare you to meet the demands and challenges of the future.

As you consider how you will pursue the GOALS, keep in mind that many activities, courses, and experiences provide the opportunity to work toward multiple GOALS at once.  It is also important to note that you will not be required to pursue each of the GOALS to the same degree.  While exposure to experiences in each of the GOALS areas is important and expected, you may choose to emphasize some GOALS more than others, depending on your own personal goals and interests.

Follow the links above to learn more about each of the GOALS areas and to identify resources that will help you explore relevant opportunities.