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Approved Courses for the Honors Designation

Honor Student with faculty

The following courses have been approved by appropriate faculty committees and administrative offices for the honors designation. Students should consult the current course offerings each semester to determine which will be available in a particular semester. Students may petition through an honors advisor to have honors courses that have not received previous approval for the general education requirements to fulfill in part an appropriate general education category.

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African American and African Studies

3342H:  Music, Religion, and Ritual in Africa

4584H:  Literature and Modern Experience in Africa



2200H:  Introduction to Physical Anthropology

2201H:  Introduction to Archaeology

2202H:  Peoples and Cultures: An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

4597.03H: The Prehistory of Environment and Climate

4597.05H: The Global Food Crisis



2241H: Culture of the Contemporary Arab World

2702H: Modern Arabic Literature in Translation



2100E: Visual Studies: Beginning Drawing

2300E: Visual Studies: Two Dimensional

2502E: Intro to Ceramics - High Fire Techniques

2516E: Introduction to Relief and Intaglio Printmaking

2526E: Introduction to Lithography and Silkscreen Printmaking

2555H: Photography I: Digital Camera

3036E: Printmaking - Intaglio

3201H: Holography I


Art Education

2367.01H: Visual Culture: Investigating Diversity & Social Justice


Arts and Sciences

1100.01H: Arts and Sciences Survey: General (Honors)

2194H: Interdisciplinary Group Studies

2400E: Conversations on Morality, Politics, and Society

4194H: Interdisciplinary Group Studies

5194H: Group Studies




2900H: Early Experience in Research in Biochemistry: Seminar

2998H: Early Experience in Research in Biochemistry: Laboratory



1101E: Introductory Biology

1113H: Biological Sciences: Energy Transfer and Development

1114H: Biological Sciences: Form, Function, Diversity, and Ecology



1910H: Honors General Chemistry I

1920H: Honors General Chemistry II

2210H: Honors Analytical Chemistry I: Quantitative Analysis

2920H: Honors Organic Chemistry II



1101H: Introduction to Classical Literature

2194H: Group Studies

2201H: Classical Civilization: Greece

2202H: Classical Civilization: Rome

2220H: Classical Mythology

2221E: Introduction to the New Testament: History and Literature

2500H: Greek Identities: Ancient and Modern



1102H: History & Theories of Communication

2367H: Persuasive Communication


Comparative Studies

1100H: Introduction to the Humanities: Cross-Cultural Perspectives

2101H: Literature and Society

2103H: Literature and the Self

2104H: Literature, Science, and Technology

2194H: Group Studies

2350H: Introduction to Folklore

2367.08H: American Identity in the World

2864H: Modernity and Postmodernity: Issues and Ideas

3302E: Translating Literatures and Cultures

3603H: Love in World Literature

3607H: Film and Literature as Narrative Art

3645H: Cultures of Medicine


Computer Science and Engineering

2194H: Group Studies in Computer Science and Engineering

4194H: Group Studies in Computer Science and Engineering



2367H: Honors Writing about Dance



5600E: Design Matters


Earth Sciences

1108H: Honors Gemstones

1110H: Honors History of Life on Earth-Global Change in the Biosphere

1121H: Honors The Dynamic Earth

1122H: Honors Earth Through Time

4194H: Honors Group Studies


East Asian Language and Literatures

3299H: East Asian Thought in the Western Imagination



2001.03H  Principles of Microeconomics

2002.03H: Principles of Macroeconomics

4050H: Experimental Economics

4700H: Government and Business

4960H: Honors Seminar in Economics



1110.01H: Honors First-Year English Composition

1110.02H: Honors First-Year English Composition

1167H: First-Year Writing Seminar in the Humanities

2201H: Selected Works of British Literature: Medieval through 1800

2202H: Selected Works of British Literature: 1800 to Present

2220H: Introduction to Shakespeare

2260H: Introduction to Poetry

2261H: Introduction to Fiction

2262H: Introduction to Drama

2270H: Introduction to Folklore

2280H: The English Bible

2367.01H: Language, Identity, and Culture in the U.S. Experience

2367.02H: Literature in the U.S. Experience

2367.03H: Documentary in the U.S. Experience

2367.04H: Technology and Science in the U.S. Experience

2367.05H: The U.S. Folk Experience

4551E: Special Topics in 19th-Century U.S. Literature

4566E: Advanced Poetry Writing

4573.01E: Rhetorical Theory and Criticism

4575E: Special Topics in Literary Forms and Themes

4578H: Special Topics in FIlm

4590.01H: The Middle Ages

4590.02H: The Renaissance

4590.03H: The Long Eighteenth Century

4590.04H: Romanticism

4590.05H: The Later 19th Century

4590.06H: The Modern Period

4590.07H: Literature in English after 1945

4590.08H: U.S. and Colonial Literature

4590.09H: Honors Seminar: Selected Topics in Literature and Literary Interpretation

4591.01H: Special Topics in the Study of Creative Writing

4591.02H: Special Topics in the Study of Rhetoric

4597.04H: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Narrative in the Contemporary World


Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology

3310H: Honors Evolution

3420E: Behavioral Ecology

4420H: Tropical Field Studies


Film Studies

4670H: Cinema and the Historical Avant Garde



2101.01H: Honors Introduction to French and Francophone Studies



1900H: Extreme Weather and Climate

2194H: Group Studies in Geography

2400H: Economic and Social Geography

2750H: World Regional Geography

2960H: Introduction to Physical Geography

3600H: Space, Power and Political Geography

3901H: Global Climate and Environmental Change



2252H: The Faust Theme

3254H: Representations and Memory of the Holocaust in Film

3353H: German Intellectual History: Marx, Nietzsche, and Freud

3451H: Religion in Modern German Literature and Philosophy



2241H: Culture of Contemporary Israel

2700H: Biblical and Post-Biblical Hebrew Literature in Translation



2001H: Launching America

2002H: Making America Modern

2204H: Modern European History

2221E: Introduction to the New Testament: History and Literature

2610H: Introduction to Women and Gender in the U.S.

2750H: Natives and Newcomers: Immigration and Migration in U.S. History

2800H: Introduction to the Discipline of History

4010E: Readings in Modern U.S. History

4015E: Research Seminar in Modern U.S. History

4125H: Research Seminar in Latin American History

4235E  Research Seminar in Medieval History

4245H: Research Seminar in Early Modern European History

4250H: Readings in Modern European History

4255E: Research Seminar in Modern European History

4300H: Readings in African History

4525H: Research Seminar in International History

4600E: Readings in Women's/Gender/History

4650H: Readings in World/Global/Transnational History Honors

4675E: Research Seminar in World/Global/Transnational History

4700E: Readings in the History of Environment, Technology, and Science


History of Art

2001H: Western Art I: The Ancient and Medieval Worlds

2002H: Western Art II: The Renaissance to the Present

2003H: The Art and Visual Culture of East Asia

3010H: Gender and Sexuality in Western Art

3605H: History of Photography


International Studies

2250H: Russia: From Communism to Capitalism

2500H: Introduction to Development Studies

2800H: Introduction to Peace Studies

3700H: Introduction to Intelligence

4320E: Energy, the Environment, and the Economy

4700H: Terror and Terrorism

5701E: Intelligence and National Security in a Changing World


Jewish Studies

2242H: Culture of Contemporary Israel

2700H: Biblical and Post-Biblical Hebrew Literature in Translation

2702H: Modern Hebrew Literature in Translation

3210H: The Jewish Mystical Tradition

4475H:  Research Seminar in Jewish History



2000H: Introduction to Linguistics

2051H: Analyzing the Sounds of Language

2052H: Theories of Linguistics: The Scientific Method for Abstractions and Unobservables

2367.01H: Language, Sex, and Gender in American Culture

3602H: Language and Social Identity in the U.S.

3701H: Language and the Mind

3802H: Language and Computers



1181H: Honors Calculus I

1187H: Honors Problem Solving

1194H: Honors Group Studies in Mathematics

2182H: Honor Calculus II

2568H: Honors Linear Algebra

3345H: Honors Foundations of Higher Mathematics

4181H: Honors Analysis I

4182H: Honors Analysis II

5194H: Honors Group Studies in Mathematics

5520H: Honors Linear Algebra and Differential Equations

5522H: Honors Complex Analysis

5529H: Honors Combinatorics

5530H: Honors Probability

5540H: Honors Differential Geometry

5576H: Honors Number Theory

5590H: Honors Abstract Algebra I

5591H: Honors Abstract Algebra II



5161H: Bioinformatics and Molecular Microbiology


Modern Greek

2240H: Travels to Greece: The Search for a Cultural Ideal


Molecular Genetics

2220H: Introduction to Molecular Life Sciences: Research Opportunities and Career Options

4500E: General Genetics

5607E: Cell Biology

5608E: Genes and Development



2251H: The World of Classical Music 

2470E: Introduction to Music Education


1100H: Introduction to Philosophy

1300H: Introduction to Ethics

2470H: Honors Philosophy of Film

2900H: Freshman-Sophomore Proseminar

3341H: Ethical Conflicts in Health Care Research, Policy, and Practice

4900H: Junior-Senior Proseminar



1250H: Honors Physics: Mechanics and Conservation Laws; Special Relativity

1251H: Honors Physics: Electricity and Magnetism; Thermal Physics, Waves, and Quantum Physics

3201H: Honors Holography

5400H: Honors Intermediate Electricity and Magnetism 1

5401H: Honors Advanced Electricity and Magnetism 2

5500H: Honors Quantum Mechanics I

5501H: Honors Quantum Mechanics II


Political Science

1100H: Introduction to American Politics

1165H: Introduction to Politics

1200H: Introduction to Comparative Politics

2150H: Voters and Elections

2367H: Contemporary Issues in American Politics

2400H: Introduction to Political Theory

3310H: Honors Defense Policy and National Security

3596H: Honors Nationalism and Ethnicity

3780H: Data Literacy and Data Visualization

4127H: Governing Urban America

4132H: Supreme Court Decision Making

4139E: Gun Politics

4250H: African Politics

4450H: Politics and Ethics

4553H: Game Theory for Political Science

4597.02H: Political Problems of the Contemporary World

4891H: Honors Seminar in American Politics

4893H: Honors Seminar in International Politics

4894H: Honors Seminar in Political Theory

4910H: Business-Government Relations

4920H  Politics in Film and Television



1100H: Introduction to Psychology

2220H: Data Analysis in Psychology

3310H: Sensation and Perception

3313H: Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience

3321H: Quantitative and Statistical Methods in Psychology

3325H: Introduction to Social Psychology

3331H: Abnormal Psychology

3335E: Psychology of Adjustment

3340H: Introduction to Life Span Developmental Psychology

3371H: Language and the Mind

3550H: Psychology of Childhood

3551H: Psychology of Adolescence

4508H: Psychology of Judgment and Decision-Making

4543E: Psychology of Gender

5613H: Biological Psychiatry


Religious Studies

2102.01H: Literature and Religion

2370H: Introduction to Comparative Religion

3210H: The Jewish Mystical Tradition

3872H: Varieties of Christianity



2250H: Honors Masterpieces of Russian Literature


Slavic Languages and Literatures

4520H: Slavic and East European Cities

4560H Cinderella's Fantasy: Gender and Women in Western and Eastern Europe



1101H: Introductory Sociology (Honors)

2367.01H: The Political Elite and Interest Groups (Honors)



2200H: Honors Intermediate Spanish Language

3403H: Intermediate Spanish Composition

3450H: Introduction to the Study of Literature and Culture in Spanish: Reading Texts

4430H: Honors Introduction to Spanish Linguistics

4551E: Spanish Golden Age Literature

5552H: Modern Spanish Literature

4555E: Indigenous, Colonial & National Literatures and Cultures of Spanish America

4560H: Introduction to Spanish American Culture

4561H: Introduction to the Culture of Spain

4565H: Latin American Indigenous Literatures and Cultures

4567H: Spanish Mosaic: Catalonia, Basque Country, Galicia and Andalusia

4590H: Interdisciplinary Protocols: Identity and National Formation in Latin America: Perspectives from literature, Culture and History

5680.03H: Honors Seminar in Latin American Literatures and Cultures


Speech and Hearing Science

3330H: Language Acquisition



1430H: Statistics for the Business Sciences



2100H: Introduction to Theatre

2101H: Introduction to Theatre: Making History

2341H: Moving Image Art

2367.01H: Self-Images: America on Stage, 1830 to the Present


Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies

2702H: Modern Arabic Literature in Translation

2750H: Natives and Newcomers: U.S. Immigration and Migration


4998H and 4999H Departmental Honors Research

Independent research numbers are available in all departments for Honors Thesis projects and non-honors independent research. The number available for honors research involving candidacy for graduation with honors research distinction is 4999H (4998H will designate general honors undergraduate research―not thesis). All require written permission of the faculty member who has agreed to supervise the research.