Great Reasons To See Your Honors Advisor This Year

September 6, 2017

Some Great Reasons to See Your Advisor This Year:

1.  Check your progress.  Make sure the classes you are taking fulfill the requirements you want them to fulfill!  What do you have left to complete?

2.  Let us know what you are doing!  Have you made changes to your major? minor? post-graduation plans?  Tell us!  We can help make sure that you are on the right track for your goals.

3.  Let us know what you want to be doing!  We can help you find opportunities and plan for classes and activities you want to pursue. Not to mention, we get asked to recommend students for opportunities on a regular basis.  If we know you, what you are doing, and your plans, we are more likely to recommend YOU!

4.  Plan for the Honors Contract (for 2nd year students).  Honors Contracts will be due to the ASC Honors Office by the end of Spring Semester.  Make sure you are on track by meeting with your advisor.

5.  Plan for study abroad or internships.  Do you have time to study abroad or pursue an internship?  Your advisor can help you figure out how to plan for great opportunities like these!

6.  Plan to do an Undergraduate Thesis.  Are you involved in research?  Do you want to be?  Do you want to graduate with honors research distinction?  Your advisor can coach you on the steps to getting involved in research and completing a thesis project.

7.  Get ready for graduation.  Make sure everything is in order and that you are ready to meet all deadlines for graduation. 

8.  …and many more!  We’re happy to see you any time!