Undergraduate Scholarship Competitions Administered by the ASC Honors Program

August 23, 2017
Undergraduate Research Scholarship

Undergraduate Research Scholarship Application

Applications for the Spring 2018 Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research Scholarship (URS) competition are now available below or in the ASC Honors Office, 3180 Smith Lab. To be eligible, you must be enrolled in a major program in the College of Arts and Sciences (please note: Arts majors working on a creative or research project should apply for the Arts Undergraduate Research Scholarship rather than the general URS available through this application). You must also have attained junior standing and meet one of the following criteria: be a potential candidate for graduation with research distinction or with honors research distinction or present other evidence of work on a significant research project.

The scholarships, which typically range from $500 to approximately $6,000 in the Autumn Semester competition, will be distributed during Spring Semester 2018. The funds automatically go toward the payment of the student recipient's university tuition and fees. (Please note the information about financial aid restrictions, which is included on the application materials.)  Awards will be announced in late May 2018.

Applicants are required to have an Ohio State faculty advisor with whom they work to devise and refine a proposal, and who will be responsible for overseeing the project once it is underway. The deadline for applications for the Spring 2018 competition is Monday, February 5, 2018 (before 5:00 p.m.). To assist students with format questions, the ASC Honors Office has copies of previous successful proposals available for examination in 3180 Smith Lab.

Applications for the Autumn 2018 ASC Undergraduate Research Scholarship competition will be available in August 2018, with a deadline in early September 2018.

SP18 URS/IRG application (fillable pdf)

SP18 URS/IRG project advisor recomendation (click to download .docx)