What Happens at Orientation?



  • Things may be a bit confusing.  That said, you will receive a lot of helpful information and direct assistance from honors academic advisors while you are at orientation.
  • You will not leave orientation with a complete four-year plan of classes.  However, you will leave with your classes scheduled for autumn semester, and you can look forward to taking a class in the fall (college survey) which will provide you with a four-year degree plan.
  • You may not be completely excited about every class you end up scheduling for autumn semester.  But...all the courses you schedule will count toward a graduation requirement.  Depending on your intended major(s), your course load for the fall may be fairly prescribed, and you may not have much flexibility in course selection.  In some cases, the options available to fulfill a requirement you need may just not be what you had in mind.  It is also worth noting that while honors students do have priority scheduling, that does not begin until your second semester at Ohio State...we had to let the continuing students schedule already.  Your first semester, however, is a great time to stay open-minded about exploring new subjects.
  • The honors academic advisors will not select your classes for you.  In situations where you have multiple options to meet a requirement, academic advisors will provide you with the best information possible about your options to allow you to make an informed selection. 
  • AP, IB, and transfer credit may not necessarily meet the requirements for graduation "with honors in the Arts and Sciences."  This credit is wonderful preparation for many college courses, and in some cases, it may fulfill degree requirements.  However, you may need to take additional honors-level college course work to satisfy the requirements for graduation with honors.  Honors academic advisors will help you determine how to make the most of the credit you are bringing to Ohio State.

Placement Testing: Before and During Orientation

What you schedule for your first semester will depend upon your placement test scores:

  • Mathematics: The placement test in mathematics should be taken no later than two business days prior to your orientation session.  ***Please take the mathematics placement test even if you expect to have Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), or transfer credit for math.***  AP, IB, or transfer credit information may not be available prior to your orientation session.  Taking the math placement test will allow us to make an educated decision about how you should schedule until we can verify your test scores or transfer credit.  Completion of (or credit for) at least one math class is required for all Arts and Sciences Honors students!
  • World languages: Most students will also take placement tests in world languages on the first day of orientation. See the FAQs section for detailed information about the language tests available.  All majors in the College of Arts and Sciences require demonstration of language proficiency!
  • Detailed information about placement testing: Please see the University Orientation web site.

Day One: Academic Information and Scheduling Session

In the afternoon of the first day of orientation, you will meet with the honors academic advisors in a group session with other Arts and Sciences Honors students to learn about choosing your classes for autumn semester. The session will begin with a broad overview of the Arts and Sciences Honors Program curriculum, followed by a presentation identifying recommended first-semester courses for honors students with your major.  After the presentation, you will have the opportunity to begin to construct your autumn semester schedule.  Honors advisors will be available to answer any questions you may have about scheduling classes for autumn semester.  Your family members and guests will be welcome to join you at this session.

Day Two:  Individual Academic Advising Appointments

You will be assigned an appointment to meet one-on-one with an honors academic advisor on the second day of orientation.  During this brief appointment, you will review your course selections with the honors advisor.  Once the advisor has approved your class schedule for autumn semester, you will go to a campus computer lab to register for your classes. 

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