Tips for a Successful Scheduling Session

  • Be curious!  Expand your academic horizons. Take a course that stretches your knowledge base.  Consider a course or subject you haven’t experienced before, such as Philosophy or Anthropology.
  • Be flexible!  If you limit the times that you are willing to take courses, you will limit your course options (for example, in order to take a course you want, you may have to take an early morning class or one later in the afternoon).
  • Do not make assumptions about a course based on the title alone.  Read the course descriptions available on this web site and consult an advisor during orientation.
  • Come prepared.  Review the sample schedule for your major, and if applicable, complete the Earned Credit Worksheet.  Have in mind some courses that interest you, and consider bringing a list of any questions you have related to scheduling for Autumn Semester.

We look forward to meeting you.  If you have any questions, please e-mail us any time.

See you this summer!


The Arts and Sciences Honors Advising Staff

Family members:  if you have additional questions, please visit the Ohio State Parent and Family website.