Your Autumn Class Schedule


The following sample schedules and departmental recommendations will allow you to start planning your autumn semester schedule even before you attend orientation.

The courses listed in the sample schedules are examples of classes you might take during your first semester.  A longer list of options can be found on the Sample Course Descriptions page, and we encourage you to read through the course descriptions.  We recommend that you have several classes in mind from the list on the Sample Course Descriptions page when you come to orientation.  Although you may only need to schedule a few of your preliminary choices, having a broad range of courses in mind will help you schedule in case there are time conflicts or changes in course availability.

A note about degree requirements: the BS versus the BA

A Bachelor of Science (BS) degree generally requires more math and more rigorous natural science courses than a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree.  Not all majors offer both BS and BA versions of the degree.  See the list of majors below to determine whether you will be pursuing a BA or a BS (or whether you will have to choose one).  If you will need to choose and you are not sure, it is usually a wise choice to follow requirements for the BS until you decide.

Please select the link below associated with your major to see a sample schedule for autumn semester.

Many links on this page are to .pdf files. These require the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader software to open them. If you need them in a more accessible format please contact our web manager.