Sample Course Descriptions


The following courses are listed by general education category.  You may want to begin by viewing the sample schedule and departmental recommendations for your major and noting which courses or general education categories your major department suggests.  Once you have looked at recommended courses, please take time to read the descriptions of the courses listed below.  Honors courses are denoted by the letter "H" following the course number.  (Courses with an "E" following the number are "honors-embedded" courses.  These courses are part of larger non-honors courses, but students taking the "E" sections will benefit from additional assignments that offer an honors experience.) 

Please note: the following list contains courses that are offered autumn semester, but the availability of seats may be limited in some classes.  We will provide additional course choices for you during the on-campus orientation.

Cultures and Ideas

World Languages

Historical Study


Mathematical and Logical Analysis

Natural Science

Social Science

Visual and Performing Arts


Honors General Education Requirements