AP, IB, and Transfer Credit


If you are coming to Ohio State with college credit (including college credit earned from another institution or credit earned through either the Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) program), honors advisors will help you construct a schedule that makes appropriate use of the college credit you have already earned.

If you had your AP or IB scores sent to Ohio State, we will most likely not have your scores and your college credit in our registration system until early July.  College transcripts may take several weeks to process.  If your orientation session is in May, June, or early July, it is a very good idea for you to bring copies of any transcripts and/or AP or IB score reports to your scheduling session.  Even if your orientation occurs later in the summer, it is still helpful for you to bring transcripts and/or AP or IB score reports to orientation in case we need to verify the credit.

AP, IB, and Graduation with honors in the Arts and Sciences

While all college credit available through the AP and IB programs will count toward the minimum number of credit hours you need for your degree, it is important to note that some of the credit available through these programs will not satisfy the minimum General Education standards required for graduation with honors in the Arts and Sciences.  As you might expect, students wishing to graduate with honors in the Arts and Sciences will be expected to satisfy more rigorous curriculum requirements than students pursuing a degree without honors.  The college credit offered through AP and IB (see pages 9 and 10) is not honors-level college credit. 

Earned Credit Worksheet

Consider taking a few minutes to complete the Earned Credit Worksheet below before you attend orientation.  Completing this worksheet before orientation may answer some of your questions and save you some time during your scheduling sessions.  Be sure to bring your completed worksheet with you to orientation!

You may use the Earned Credit Worksheet to identify course credit you may be awarded at Ohio State through Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) exams or via college classes you took through a College Credit Plus program in high school.  If you have not yet received AP or IB scores, please estimate the score you think you will receive and circle it on the worksheet.  For classes taken at another college or university, include all of the information you know.  If you do not yet know Ohio State course equivalencies for your transfer credits, we can help you begin to identify those when you come to orientation.  You may also find some equivalencies on the Registrar's transfer credit web site (see "OSU Quick Equivalencies").

Please note: Completing this worksheet does not take the place of officially submitting your scores or transcripts to Ohio State.  You will still need to make sure that these official steps have been taken before you can be awarded course credit at Ohio State.  If you have questions about the score submission process, please see the Ohio State Testing Center web site.  For information on submitting transcripts, please see the Transfer Credit web site.

***Don't forget to bring this worksheet to orientation!***

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