Scheduling Tools


Searching for and scheduling courses through Buckeye Link

After your individual appointment with an academic counselor on Day Two of orientation, you will go to a computer lab on campus to schedule your classes for autumn semester.  The web site you will use for course enrollment is called Buckeye Link.  In order to make the course enrollment process as straightforward as possible, we strongly recommend that you view the course registration demonstrations before you attend orientation (see link below).  The video entitled "Using Schedule Planner" will be particularly helpful for scheduling.

Course search and course enrollment videos

During the academic session on Day One of orientation, we will distribute the following materials to help you select your classes:

Open course list (OCL)

An OCL is an updated list of the courses that are currently available for autumn semester and appropriate for honors students in the College of Arts and Sciences.  We will ask you to select your courses from the OCL.

Departmental recommendations

Each major department has provided recommendations for courses for you to take during your first semester.  You will be provided with these recommendations during your scheduling session on Day One of orientation.  You will use these departmental recommendations together with the OCL to complete your schedule.

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