Arts and Sciences Honors Committee



2020-2021 Honors Committee Members

Doug Crews – Anthropology (Research Scholarships) 
Melissa Curley  - Comparative Studies (Graduation Honors)
Alan Farmer – English (Curriculum and Assessment)
John Grinstead – Spanish & Portuguese (Research Scholarships) 
Anna Grotans - Germanic Languages and Literature (Research Scholarships)
Hannibal Hamlin – English (Graduation Honors)
Vladimir Kogan - Political Science (Curriculum and Assessment) 
Guisela Latorre – Women’s Gender & Sexuality Studies (Research Scholarships) 
Danielle Marx-Scouras - French and Italian (Research Scholarships) 
Jen Ottesen - Chemistry & Biochemistry (Graduation Honors)
Wendy Panero - Earth Sciences (Curriculum and Assessment)
Elizabeth Renker – English (Research Scholarships) 
Zac Schultz – Chemistry & Biochemistry (Research Scholarships)