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Arts Honors Program

Arts Honors Program Requirements

Ed Quinn is the Arts Honors Program Manager. His office is located in 100 Denney Hall. Please send an email to quinn.142@osu.edu to schedule an Arts Honors appointment.


Students with a major in the following departments and schools follow the Arts Honors track:

  • Department of Art
  • Department of Arts Administration, Education and Policy
  • Department of Dance
  • Department of Design
  • Department of History of Art
  • Department of Theatre, Film and Media Arts
  • School of Music



  • 3.4 overall GPA
  • 18 credit hours of Honors coursework or Honors-quality coursework
    • 9 credit hours over the first 2 years. 
      • For some majors in the Arts, this is difficult to achieve, due to limited scheduling opportunities in the GE, few Honors offerings in the major programs, and lockstep curriculum in the majors. The Arts standard allows students to defer 3 credit hours until the 3rd year if necessary, reflecting the individualistic, focused nature in the arts.
    • 9 credit hours over the second 2 years.
  • Arts Honors Contract (fulfill 18 credit hours of Honors coursework or Honors-quality coursework per an Honors contract): Students graduate ‘with Honors in the Arts and Sciences.’
    • Arts Honors contracts will be reviewed at the conclusion of each academic year. Students will be informed via Ohio State email of their continuance or non-continuance in the program.
    • Students in their sophomore year will submit an Arts Honors contract by the conclusion of finals week autumn semester. 
    • Students who find they need to revise their contract may do so with the Contract Revision Form, which can be submitted to Arts Honors Program Manager, Ed Quinn.


Honors/Honors-quality options:

  • Honors course 
  • Upper division course outside major (4000+) 
  • Upper division elective course in major  for 1st and 2nd year students
  • Graduate level course 
  • Honors embedded course  (maximum of 3 total)
  • Undergraduate Research/Creative Activity (3-5 credit hours)
  • Special Individual Study (maximum of 3 total; includes study abroad course not required for the major, internship not required for the major)
  • 4-credit hour Themes classes 
  • A minor (outside the major) 
  • Second Major (outside the major) 
  • Students may petition for other courses/experiences to count

Arts Distinction and Research Distinction

  • Most students’ majors encourage or require a capstone or senior project, which can become a distinction project. Arts Honors students may also choose to complete creative theses or research theses. 
  • Arts Honors students completing a creative thesis in the arts will earn ‘with Honors Distinction’ in their major.
  • Arts Honors students completing a research thesis, rather than a creative thesis, will earn with Honors Research Distinction.

Arts Honors Application Process:

  1. Honors Faculty Advisor signature
    • Art: George Rush (rush.172@osu.edu)
    • Art Education: Richard Fletcher (fletcher.161@osu.edu)
    • Arts Management: Richard Fletcher (fletcher.161@osu.edu)
    • Dance: Daniel Roberts (roberts.338@osu.edu)
    • Design: Matt Lewis (mlewis@accad.osu.edu)
    • Film Studies: Janet Parrott (parrott.1@osu.edu)
    • History of Art: Kris Paulsen (paulsen.20@osu.edu)
    • Moving-Image Production: Janet Parrott (parrott.1@osu.edu)
    • Music (all majors): Daryl Kinney (kinney.61@osu.edu)
    • Theatre: Janet Parrott (parrott.1@osu.edu)
  2. Arts Honors Program Manager Signature (Ed Quinn, quinn.142@osu.edu, 100 Denney Hall)