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Arts & Sciences Honors Orientation FAQs

If you require accommodations, Student Life Disability Services (SLDS) strongly encourages incoming students to complete registration over the summer. You can find registration information and instructions on the SLDS website.

If you want to change your major, you should immediately let University Orientation know of your change. Please also note this when you fill out the ASC Honors Orientation Survey.

Be aware that there are restrictions involved with switching to some majors. This includes the following majors within the College of Engineering: Aerospace Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering/Computer and Information Science, and Mechanical Engineering. Admitted freshman who want to switch into one of these majors must do so by May 15th. 

That’s an excellent question! The Arts and Sciences Honors Advising Staff will review the Questionnaire that we’re asking you to complete. We will use that information to create a personalized schedule recommendation for you, taking into consideration all of your prior experiences, the requirements of your program, and the other interests and priorities that you tell us.

Many of the courses you will likely need to enroll in have a large number of seats available to accommodate students who are registering for classes during Orientation. Some high-demand course seats are also opened incrementally to ensure that students who are coming on later Orientation dates will be able to schedule what they need.

If a course you need is full, your advisor will work with you during Orientation to find solutions and alternatives. 

The recommended schedules we are giving you are based on conversations with your major departments. During the University Survey (Arts and Sciences 1100.01H) class that you’ll take in the fall, you will have the opportunity to talk to your major advisor(s) and start planning the rest of your undergraduate career.

We can help you with that process. Please tell us that this is an interest when you fill out your Questionnaire, and we’ll recommend classes that help you explore this option. The full list of minors is available on the Arts and Sciences website. You can always add something later, too!

In the Arts and Sciences Honors Program, we have a dual advising system. Your instructor for Survey (Arts and Sciences 1100.01H) will be your honors advisor. Our staff are professional advisors, with advanced degrees and specialized training designed to help us work with undergraduate honors students. You will also be assigned to a Departmental advisor, often a faculty member, for your major. This system allows you to get the best information for all aspects of your Ohio State education.

At Orientation, our entire Advising staff works to help all students. So, the advisor you work with during Orientation might not be your advisor, but this gives you another university staff member to communicate with.

Pre-professional tracks include pre-health, pre-law, and pre-education. We have in-house pre-professional advising, and all our advisors are equipped to work with students who intend to pursue graduate school. Many of the requirements for graduate school and pre-professional programs will be covered in your Autumn Survey course. 

If you are curious about requirements in the meantime, you can find specific information on the pre-health and pre-law program websites.