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Pre-Professional and Pre-Graduate Advising

Pre-Professional Advising

“Pre-professional” students intend to enter a professional school after earning their bachelor’s degrees. Professional schools include law, medicine, education, dentistry, and veterinary medicine, among others.

Arts and Sciences honors advisors can help you work on pre-professional requirements (such as pre-law or pre-health) while you are completing your undergraduate degree. Honors advisors can help you select the appropriate course work and apply to professional programs; they can also provide you
with information about graduate-level standardized testing. Check with your Arts and Sciences honors advisor if you think you may be considering one of these fields.

Preparation for Graduate Study

Students planning to pursue graduate study (such as a master's degree or Ph.D) should consult early and often with faculty in the discipline of their major. Academic success in a rigorous major and exposure to research are essential qualifications for admission to competitive graduate programs. Students hoping to compete successfully for such programs, as well as for graduate scholarships and fellowships, should begin early in their undergraduate careers to identify faculty with whom they will work. Frequent consultation with faculty will connect you with intellectual mentors, and participation in research will help you to identify and define your own research interests. Such immersion in a discipline is critical preparation for the focus on research central to graduate study.