ASC Honors Orientation



What to expect:

You will receive an email from us with detailed instructions and information before your scheduled Orientation session. The first emails will be sent in mid-May. This email will include a list of tasks to complete before your Orientation session, including the ASC Honors Incoming Student Questionnaire, which will help your advisor design an individual schedule for you. You will also be invited to participate in an Orientation Carmen course with fellow First-Year students in ASC Honors. The Carmen course is where you will access information and advising presentations.

We will be meeting with you twice during your Orientation session:

Question and Answer Session on Day One

 On Day One of your Orientation Session, at 1:45PM (EST), we will have a mandatory Q&A Session via CarmenZoom. During this session, you will meet in a small group with two ASC Honors staff members and other incoming honors students to discuss questions. You will receive a separate email with a link to the meeting room before your Orientation session. Please attend this session even if you do not have specific questions as we will check in with you and give more details about your scheduling appointment.

Advising Appointment on Day Two

 On Day Two of your Orientation Session, you will meet individually with an ASC Honors Advisor to finalize your schedule, schedule your courses, and talk about any remaining questions you may have during a 20 minute appointment. You will receive a separate email with your appointment time and a link to the meeting room before your Orientation session.
 In preparation for Orientation, please make sure to check your OSU email frequently, gather your academic records, and review this information.

We can’t wait to meet you at Orientation!