ASC Honors Orientation


Welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences Honors Program!

 The ASC Honors Program provides high-ability students with opportunities to pursue challenging academic programs. Honors students are encouraged to construct an enhanced curriculum that includes honors courses, upper-division courses, rigorous sequences, honors seminars, a strong major, and a significant experiential learning component that compliments your degree.

Honors courses are offered in a number of disciplines and present an opportunity for you to enhance your program of study. These courses are designed to challenge you to think critically about the subject matter, usually through a combination of discussion, special projects, and/or significant research or writing assignments. Honors courses are typically limited to 25 students and taught by faculty.

The basis for membership in the Arts and Sciences (ASC) Honors Program is high achievement, a rigorous curriculum, and an Honors project that enhances your curriculum.

To maintain your membership in the ASC Honors Program and graduate with Honors in the Arts and Sciences, you will be expected to meet the following requirements:

  • A minimum of 18 credit hours of Honors of Honors-quality credit
  • All theme courses must be Honors or Honors-quality
    • Honors-quality courses are approved theme courses taught at the 4000+ level (3000+ level for History courses and courses cross-listed with 3000+ level History courses)
  • Overall coursework (from foundations, themes, majors, minors, electives) must include one Honors or Honors-quality course in three large disciplinary areas (not GE areas):
    • One in the Natural and Mathematical Sciences
      • Any H/E course or 4000+ level course from the following departments: Astronomy, Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Evolution Ecology and Organismal Biology, Mathematics, Microbiology, Molecular Genetics, Physics, Statistics.
    • One in the Social and Behavioral Sciences
      • Any H/E course or 4000+ level course from the following departments: Anthropology, Communication, Economics, Geography, International Studies, Linguistics, Neuroscience, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Speech and Hearing Sciences.
    • One in the Arts and Humanities
      • Honors-quality courses include any H/E course or 4000+ level course (3000+ level for History department courses and courses cross-listed with 3000+ level History department courses) from the following departments: African-American and African Studies, Arabic, Art, Art Education, Chinese, Classics, Comparative Studies, Dance, Design, East Asian Languages and Literatures, English, Film Studies, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, History, History of Art, Italian, Japanese, Jewish Studies, Korean, Latin, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Modern Greek, Music, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, Persian, Philosophy, Polish, Portuguese, Religious Studies, Russian, Sanskrit, Scandinavian, Slavic Languages and Literatures, Spanish, Turkish, Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies, Theatre, Yiddish
  • Any major Honors requirements
  • Honors project

During you first semester, you will take a survey class taught by your academic advisor in which you will learn all about your Honors requirements, plan your curriculum, and become acquainted with many of the opportunities and resources at OSU.

During Orientation, an Arts and Sciences Honors advisor will work with you to finalize a class schedule that was designed for you based on your major, academic goals, previous coursework, and interests.   


We will be meeting with you on Day Two of your scheduled Orientation session:

  • At 9:00 AM, you will meet with the ASC Honors Advising Staff for a presentation and workshop.  You will receive an email with the location of this meeting.
  • After that presentation, you will have some time to ask quick questions, connect with other offices as needed, eat lunch, and explore campus.
  • That afternoon, you will meet individually with an Arts and Sciences Honors Advisor to finalize your schedule and talk about any remaining questions you may have during a 20 minute individual appointment.  This appointment is for students only. Several days before your Orientation session, you will receive a separate email with the advisor’s name who you will meet with and your appointment time and location.
  • After your advising appointment, you will be directed to a nearby computer lab to schedule your classes with an Arts and Sciences Honors advisor. In the computer lab, you will be able to take your time as you select specific sections and times of your approved classes.

Before your Orientation session, you must complete the following:

  • Please complete the questionnaire at least five business days before your scheduled Orientation session (or as soon as you can if you have scheduled for one of the first Orientation sessions).  Even if your Orientation session is later in the summer, please complete the questionnaire as early as possible so your honors advisor can begin working on your schedule. 
  • Request that transcripts for any college courses you have taken be sent to OSU. In order to receive transfer credit for college classes you’ve taken, you must request that official transcripts from the college where you completed your course work be sent directly to Ohio State. Courses listed on your high school transcript will not meet this requirement. If your college transcripts have not already been sent to Undergraduate Admissions, ask each institution you attended to send an electronic transcript to Ohio State as soon as possible. For instructions for sending transcripts to Ohio State see credit.
  •  Complete the Financial Responsibility Statement in Buckeye Link
    • Go to
    • Select My Buckeye Link
    • Log in with your Ohio State username and password
    • Select Financial Responsibility Statement under the "To Do List" heading
    • Agree to the three required statements
    • Select Submit
  • Take the Math Placement Test.  For more information, visit the University Orientation website.  We recommend that most students take the Math Placement Test. Generally, unless you already have college credit for a specific Ohio State math course (through college course work, Advanced Placement testing or International Baccalaureate higher-level exams), you must take the online math placement exam at least two business days before your orientation date. Check the requirements. Your results on the math placement exam will determine both your starting place in Ohio State’s math sequence and your eligibility for several science courses. You cannot retake the exam, so prepare accordingly; we recommend reviewing sample problems and exam topics before taking the exam.
  • You should also attend a calculus advising session if you meet any of these criteria:
    • Intend to major in Math or Actuarial Science
    • Think that Honors Math might be a good fit for your long-term goals
    • Have extensive transfer credit
    • Took AP Calculus more than a year ago and have since taken a break
    • If your major requires more math than you have already received (many NMS majors)

Please contact the Math Advisors at least a week before your scheduled Orientation session, so that you can begin to explore your options. More information, and contacts, can be found here:

  • Take the MultiCAT language placement test (as appropriate, please see Center for Languages, Literatures and Cultures website for language availability).  We recommend testing in the language you took in high school (if the MultiCAT test is available for that language) even if you do not plan to continue in that language. You should not take the MultiCAT if you already have credit for a college-level course in the world language for which you are testing, whether from OSU or another university. If you took an AP exam for a language, but are still waiting on your scores, please take the MutiCAT test. For more information, visit the Center for Languages, Literatures and Cultures website.
  • Register with Student Life Disability Services (as appropriate). SLDS encourages incoming students to complete their registration over the summer so that they can start autumn term fully registered and beat the beginning-of-semester rush. The registration process involves submitting an online application (click here) and uploading disability documentation, receiving a "Schedule Your Welcome Meeting" email to your Buckeyemail account, and completing your virtual Welcome Meeting with your assigned Access Specialist.  Please visit the Registration Process page for more information.
  • Familiarize yourself with OSU’s mental health support options:

How many classes will I schedule?

The number of classes you schedule will depend on the number of credit hours associated with each course you are planning to take. A typical course load for a student in the Arts and Sciences Honors Program includes 14 to 16 credit hours. Depending on what classes you choose to take, your autumn semester schedule will likely include four to six courses. The minimum number of credits required to be a full-time student is 12 credits. Your advisor will help you finalize aschedule that is the appropriate number of credits.

You probably took more than four or five classes each semester in high school, but there is a significant difference between high school and college in terms of the ratio of class time to homework time. In college, you are expected to spend a majority of the time mastering course material outside of the classroom. It is also important to keep in mind that during autumn semester, you will be adapting to college life, and it is important that you do well academically to lay a solid foundation for your undergraduate career. 14-16 credit hours will be an adequate load to carry; it will allow you to devote enough time to each class while letting you explore all of the other activities and opportunities available at Ohio State. 

What about AP and IB credits?

Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) and College Credit Plus (CCP) Credits:

The credits you've earned from taking AP/IB/CCP courses can impact what courses you should select for fall semester. 

If you completed AP/IB exams or CCP courses during high school, you may be eligible to receive academic credit for those subjects. Ohio State awards credit for scores of 3 or higher on AP exams and 4 or higher on the Higher Level IB exams. You should review the credit by examination information on the University Registrar's website to determine which subjects you've earned credit for. Be sure to have an official copy of your scores sent directly to Ohio State, as credit cannot be awarded without an official copy. To request an official copy of your scores be sent to Ohio State, contact College Board (for AP) or the IB website. If you do not yet have your scores, we can use your estimates of scores (which you may provide on the ASC Honors Incoming Student Questionnaire) to plan your Autumn schedule.

It is important that you have your final college/university transcripts sent to OSU. Your advisor can help you to navigate getting your transfer credit evaluated, if needed, during your first semester at Ohio State. Contact the Registrar's Office at the institution where you took the class(es) and request that a transcript be sent to our Registrar's Office. In order for the transcript to be official, it must go directly to the OSU Registrar-you cannot hand carry it. You will likely have to pay a small fee for this service. If you have transfer credit earned during High School as part of a Dual Enrollment or College Credit plus program, please note that you MUST send a transcript from the college/university. OSU will not award college credit based on a high school transcript. Please visit the transfer credit page for instructions on having your transcripts sent to OSU!