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Pre-Law Advising in the Arts and Sciences Honors Program

The pre-law program at Ohio State offers personalized academic counseling; a pre-law listserv and web site; workshops on law school preparation and the application process; law school admission fairs; a study abroad program in Oxford, England; a pre-law club for students; and more.

Law school is a three-year professional program that requires the completion of an undergraduate degree prior to enrollment. Students interested in law may choose any undergraduate major, and there are no required prerequisite courses for law school. Admission to law schools is very competitive; a pre-law advisor can help you select a strong undergraduate curriculum to assist you in reaching your potential as a candidate for admission to law school.

For more information, see the College of Arts and Sciences Pre-Law web site.

Pre-Law Advisors in the Arts and Sciences Honors Office

Samantha Zimmerman is our current ASC Honors Pre-Law advisor. 
For appointments: Call (614) 292-5104.

Pre-law advisors can help you with the following:

  • General preparation for law school and the legal profession
  • Choosing undergraduate courses and academic programs to help you prepare for law school
  • Identifying undergraduate opportunities of interest to students considering a legal career
  • Overview of the law school application process
  • Identifying law schools that fit your qualifications and needs
  • Review of resumes and personal statements (if you would like to have a pre-law advisor review your personal statement and/or resume, it is best to send it to your advisor via e-mail at least two business days in advance of your appointment)