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If you are a current ASC Honors student, you must apply to graduate with an ASC Honors advisor. 

You may apply for graduation as early as one semester before the semester you intend to graduate. You must apply no later than the published deadline for the term in which you plan to graduate.  For example, if you plan to graduate at the conclusion of Spring Semester 2025, you can apply as early as Autumn Semester 2024 and no later than March 2025.

Graduation Application Deadline

Spring Semester 2024: March 1, 2024

Summer Term 2024: July 12, 2024

*The Spring Semester graduation application deadline for honors students is earlier than the regular Arts and Sciences graduation application deadline for that term.  Note that advising appointment availability close to the deadline is not guaranteed. It is best to apply during Autumn Semester, well before the deadline.

  1. Revise your Honors Contract (if necessary).
    • Make sure your Honors Contract is completely up-to-date and includes all majors and minors you are pursuing.
    • You must have all revisions to your Honors Contract, major(s), and or minor(s) approved before you can apply to graduate.
    • If you need to make revisions, please complete a Revision Form [pdf], have it signed by the relevant departmental honors advisor(s), and submit it to the ASC Honors Office for approval at least three weeks before you plan to complete your graduation application.
  2. Check the name that will be on your diploma and make any needed changes.
  3. Complete the ASC Honors Graduating Senior Survey before your graduation application appointment.
    • You must complete this survey in order to be permitted to submit your graduation application.
    • Please set aside 20 minutes or so to complete this survey.  You will not be able to save your responses, so it is important that you complete the survey in one sitting.
    • Some of the questions ask for a brief essay response.  Accordingly, it would probably be easiest to use a device with a keyboard to complete this survey.
  4. Make an appointment with an ASC honors advisor. 
    • Make an appointment by the graduation application deadline of the semester in which you plan to graduate. 
    • Schedule an appointment with your assigned ASC honors advisor through OnCourse or call the ASC Honors Office at (614) 292-5104 (choose option 1).
    • Please note: you cannot apply to graduate during walk-ins; you must make an appointment.
  5. Review the Graduation FAQ below to answer common questions and some of the important tasks. 
  6. Visit commencement.osu.edu to find general instructions and information about the commencement ceremony.
  7. Read more information about ASC graduation honors or Latin honors.

To find out the location of this semester's graduation, go to the commencement page.  For information about future semesters, check out future commencement dates.

1. How often should I check my OSU email during the graduation term?

  • Check your OSU email frequently for important communications regarding graduation, including application verification, ceremony line number, transfer credit deadlines, and status updates.

2. What should I do if my OSU email is forwarded to a private account?

  • If your OSU email forwards to a private account (e.g., Yahoo, Gmail), consider reversing this to avoid missing emails due to spam filters.

3. What if I haven't received any communication within two weeks of applying for graduation?

  • Contact vonner.1@osu.edu if you haven’t heard back within two weeks of applying for graduation.

4. Who should I consult about changes to my coursework for remaining terms?

  • Consult your advisor regarding any changes. Your advisor will notify the necessary departments if changes are made.

5. What could happen if I don't notify my advisor of changes to my coursework?

  • Failure to inform your advisor about changes could delay receiving your diploma or cancel your graduation application.

6. Where can I find information about the commencement ceremony?

  • Visit commencement.osu.edu for information on the ceremony, including cap and gown purchase, rehearsal and ceremony details, commencement speaker, and disability services.

7. What if I received subsidized or unsubsidized loans?

  • Complete your Direct Loan exit interview before the term closes, using the PIN from your FAFSA. Visit nslds.ed.gov/nslds_SA for the exit interview.

8. Is the Graduation Survey mandatory?

  • Yes, the College of Arts and Sciences requires all graduating students to complete the Graduation Survey at go.osu.edu/gradsurvey.

9. How do I know if I am a Latin honor candidate and what are the requirements?

  • Latin honor candidates will be notified by email. Requirements include a minimum CPHR of 3.500 for cum laude, 3.700 for magna cum laude, and 3.900 for summa cum laude, with at least 60 graded credit hours at OSU.

10. What should I do if I'm not attending the commencement ceremony?

11. How can Ohio State career services assist me?

  • Utilize resources like Handshake, resume reviews, career coaching, and career events. Visit asc-careersuccess.osu.edu for more information. Alumni can access services through go.osu.edu/alumni-career-management and network via AlumniFire. Use AlumniFire (it’s free) to network with OSU alumni who have volunteered to assist students and recent grads with their career planning and/or job searches. 

12. How do I activate Lifetime Email as an alumnus?

  • After receiving your degree, go to my.osu.edu and select “Change Email Delivery” to activate Lifetime Email.