Pre-Health Advising in the Arts and Sciences Honors Program


Students interested in pursuing graduate professional training to prepare for a career in one of the health care professions (medicine, dentistry, optometry, or pharmacy, for example) should consult with a pre-health advisor. There are no prescribed majors for students with these objectives. Instead, each student is directed through the sequenced courses in mathematics and science required for admission to professional programs in each discipline.

Admission to professional programs is competitive, and students who compete successfully typically distinguish themselves by their superior academic performance and their clear and well-founded commitment to the profession. It is a mistake to think that your professional career will begin when you start professional school. Your engagement with the career is an arc that starts much earlier, providing exposure to the discipline and developing the qualities you will need to succeed in it. With all this in mind, advisors will encourage students to gain experience in the health care field in which they are interested to show their competency in dealing with people and to demonstrate a genuine desire to help others.

For more information, see the College of Arts and Sciences Pre-Health.

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Pre-Health Advisors in the Arts and Sciences Honors Office

Denise Allman
For appointments: Call (614) 292-5104.

Lucy Omar
For appointments: Call (614) 292-5104.