Global Awareness


Honors students will examine what it means to be global citizens and will cultivate and develop their appreciation for diversity and each individual’s unique differences.  Students will examine the world’s complex, interdependent systems, as well as their own cultural backgrounds.

  • Students will undertake a broad program of study, including course work designed to extend their intercultural knowledge and cultivate a global perspective, to create a solid intellectual foundation.
  • Students will integrate experiences with an international focus, such as study abroad, involvement in an organization that addresses international issues, and interaction with international students, into their learning.

There are many ways to cultivate your Global Awareness.  Though this is certainly not an exhaustive list of options, consider the following opportunities:

  • Course work emphasizing global studies and social diversity…which is required by the general education requirements!
    • Take your course work to a deeper level by choosing a major or minor with an emphasis on global studies or social diversity.
    • Many service-learning courses offer a multicultural or diversity-related component.
  • Travel abroad!
    • Study abroad.  Whether for a week or for a year, Ohio State offers over 100 study abroad programs.  Many funding opportunities exist to make your study abroad plans a reality.
    • Research abroad.
    • Volunteer abroad.  Buck-I-SERV offers Ohio State students the opportunity to travel with other students to participate in service and civic engagement activities.
  • Get involved!
  • Give back!  Service often provides opportunities for intercultural exchange and exploration of social diversity.