Joining the ASC Honors Program


To join the ASC Honors Program as an incoming first-year student:

If you are an incoming freshman interested in joining the University Honors Program, you may apply to the Honors Program via the Ohio State supplement to the Common Application.  For more detail on the application process, please visit the Ohio State University Honors & Scholars web site.

If you are accepted to the University Honors Program and decide to pursue a program in the College of Arts and Sciences, you will enroll directly into the Arts and Sciences Honors Program.

The University Honors & Scholars Center can provide you with additional information about membership in the University Honors Program.

For more information about applying to The Ohio State University or planning a visit to campus, please see Undergraduate Admissions

To join the ASC Honors Program if you are not an incoming first-year student, you must

  • have at least one semester (12 credit hours) completed at OSU with a 3.5 cumulative GPA (please email if you are a transfer student who was enrolled in another university’s honors program); or
  • be a member of another OSU college’s honors program with a 3.4 cumulative GPA; or
  • be a member of an OSU regional campus honors program with a 3.4 cumulative GPA.

Steps to join the ASC Honors Program:

  • Review the  ASC Honors Program Information for New MembersThis information is needed to complete your ASC Honors Curriculum Plan.
  • Complete an ASC Honors Curriculum Plan. 
    • Choose the Bachelor of Arts BA Curriculum Plan or the Bachelor of Science BS Curriculum Plan depending on what degree you are pursuing.  If you are unsure, choose the BS Curriculum Plan.
    • This plan will help you to choose courses for your degree and is good practice for your Honors Contract.  Your ASC Honors Curriculum Plan is NOT the same as your Honors Contract.
    • Plan to spend some time looking at course descriptions in OSU’s Course Catalog so that you can best choose your courses.
    • Do not use your Degree Audit to complete the Curriculum Plan.  Please follow all directions on the plan.
  • Once you have fully completed your ASC Honors Curriculum Plan by choosing a course for each area, email to set up an appointment with an ASC Honors advisor to review your plan and discuss any questions.