Joining the ASC Honors Program


To join the ASC Honors Program as an incoming first-year student:

If you are an incoming freshman interested in joining the University Honors Program, you may apply to the Honors Program via the Ohio State supplement to the Common Application.  For more detail on the application process, please visit the Ohio State University Honors & Scholars web site.

If you are accepted to the University Honors Program and decide to pursue a program in the College of Arts and Sciences, you will enroll directly into the Arts and Sciences Honors Program.

The University Honors & Scholars Center can provide you with additional information about membership in the University Honors Program.

For more information about applying to The Ohio State University or planning a visit to campus, please see Undergraduate Admissions

To join the ASC Honors Program if you are not an incoming first-year student, you must:

  • have at least one semester (12 credit hours) completed at OSU with a 3.4 cumulative GPA; or
  • be a member of another OSU college’s honors program with a 3.4 cumulative GPA; or
  • be a member of an OSU regional campus honors program with a 3.4 cumulative GPA.

Steps to join the ASC Honors Program:

To start the process, please review the information here and then email to make a one-hour appointment with a honors advisor to answer any questions you may have and help you map out your course requirements using a worksheet.   This meeting can take place on Zoom or in-person.  After this meeting, you will email them your completed worksheet and confirmation of your cumulative OSU GPA (once those grades are in) to officially join the program.  Once you are officially in the program, you will be assigned an ASC Honors advisor in our office.  Honors students also have a departmental Honors advisor.