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Pre-AU22 Honors Requirements

Most students will not be completing an Honors Contract at this point, if you believe you should, please see your advisor

The Honors Contract allows you to construct an especially challenging curriculum by incorporating strong course work, such as honors classes and 4000-level classes, throughout your program of study. When approved by the Arts and Sciences (ASC) Honors Committee, an Honors Contract admits you to candidacy for graduation with honors in the Arts and Sciences. If you complete your Honors Contract curriculum with a minimum 3.4 cumulative grade point average on at least 60 graded semester credit hours at Ohio State, you will graduate with honors in the Arts and Sciences, which will be noted on your diploma and transcript.

Pursuing a major in the arts?  (Art, Art Education, Dance, Design, Music, Theatre, Arts Management, Film Studies, History of Art, Moving-Image Production) See the Arts Honors Program website for more information.

General Education Requirements

The Honors Guides to the General Education Requirements provide basic information about the general education requirements for a student planning to complete an Honors Contract. These guides are available in the ASC Honors Office as well as through the links below. Consultation with an ASC honors advisor regarding the General Education requirements is strongly encouraged.

Honors BA general education requirements

Honors BS general education requirements