Arts and Sciences 1100.01H College Survey Class


Arts and Sciences 1100.01H ("Survey") is a course designed to give you a strong foundation for academic success by helping you plan your degree and learn about all honors degree requirements.  Arts and Sciences 1100.01H will also provide you with an opportunity to build a strong relationship with your honors academic advisor and help you make connections to many support and enrichment services across the university. 

Your survey class will be taught by your assigned honors academic advisor and will be delivered in a discussion format.  You will have reading assignments to complete before class so that class time can be spent in discussion, participating in activities, and asking/answering questions about the material.  Survey is meant to be a highly participatory course.  The objectives for the Arts and Sciences 1100.01H course are to help you do the following:

  • Create a personal degree plan and identify important degree planning resources
  • Learn about your major and the General Education (GE) requirements
  • Learn about requirements for graduation with honors in the Arts and Sciences
  • Understand university dates, deadlines, policies, and procedures
  • Become familiar with Ohio State's academic resources and support services
  • Establish a relationship with your honors academic advisor.

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