Deciding on a Major


Your choice of major makes you a part of the College of Arts and Sciences, which offers nearly 80 majors, over 100 minors, and over 30 foreign languages to choose from.  Arts and Sciences offers majors in the arts, humanities, social and behavioral sciences, and natural and mathematical sciences.

Still deciding?

If you are still undecided about your major, don’t worry.  Research shows that up to 80% of first-year students are not certain about their majors, and it is not unusual for students to change their majors three to five times prior to graduation.  This can be particularly true for honors students, who are often good at and interested in many academic subjects.

If you are considering a wide array of majors, or if you are trying to decide between majors in both Arts and Sciences and another college at Ohio State (such as Business, Engineering, Education and Human Ecology, etc.), you may be interested in University Exploration.  Academic advisors in University Exploration work with undecided and re-deciding students to help them find the best major suited for their interests and abilities. 

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