Academic Survival Skills


Three skills in particular will help you to be successful in college:

  • Study skills
  • Math skills
  • Writing skills

Study skills

You may find that the study skills you used in high school are inadequate for your university classes.  Perhaps high school did not challenge you, and you were successful without really learning how to study.  Or, you may have succeeded in high school by memorizing facts.  Your university classes, however, will challenge you to evaluate material, organize facts, and construct logical arguments.  You may need to take a different approach to studying.  Remember, different subjects will require different methods of study.

Dennis Learning Center

The Dennis Learning Center in the Younkin Success Center is a one-stop shop for students to polish their learning, motivation, and study skills.  Through workshops, academic coaching, and credit-bearing classes, you can learn how to take expert lecture notes, prepare for exams, combat procrastination, plan effective study groups, and manage your time and your life.

Math skills

Math skills are also important to your success.  Ninety-five percent of students at Ohio State must take math to graduate.  Math is the basis for many majors and some of the most exciting and competitive jobs in today's market.  Also, math is a necessary life skill for being a knowledgeable consumer and for budgeting.  The Mathematics and Statistics Learning Center (MSLC) offers free tutoring.

Mathematics and Statistics Learning Center

  • Tutors can help you make the most of your math study time.
  • Get explanations of math concepts--it is helpful to hear it more than once.
  • View on-line videos and demonstrations, and learn how to use all of the functions on your calculator.
  • Get additional practice in working problems and practicing for exams.
  • Find a friendly place to work on math with other people in your class.

Writing skills

Writing skills are essential in college and on the job.  At Ohio State, every student takes at least two writing courses (depending on the major).  In addition, students write papers and essay exams in many of their classes.  The Writing Center is the place for you to work on your writing skills.  It offers free tutoring to anyone in the university community working on any document at any stage of the writing process.

The Writing Center

  • Get one-on-one help with a paper for any class.
  • Get help with a job letter, resume, or scholarship application.
  • Attend workshops on special topics.

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